Dubravka Fazlic

Counseling therapist & Coach

How can I help you?

Welcome to my website. I am Dubravka Fazlić, a therapist specialized in counseling, brainspotting, and mindfulness. My goal is to provide you with support on your journey towards inner balance, self-confidence, and emotional well-being.


Counseling in therapy is a process that allows you to work on your emotional issues through conversation, brainspotting therapy, and wingwave coaching. It involves understanding yourself and developing developmental and preventative strategies to overcome life challenges, providing you with better management of mental health and life situations.

Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness training is a mental training that teaches you how to consciously direct your attention to the present moment, increase awareness of your thoughts and feelings, and develop emotional stability. This training is beneficial for anyone who wants to reduce stress, improve concentration, and enhance their mental health, regardless of age or life circumstances.

Work life Program

This program is ideal for those who want to achieve alignment between business goals and quality of life. It combines techniques to enhance communication with mindfulness practices that help employees strike a balance between professional and personal life, fostering productivity, emotional well-being, and mental peace.


As a Business and Life Coach, I’m ready to accompany you on a journey of professional and personal development. With a focus on refining your leadership acumen, optimizing business strategies, and achieving a harmonious work-life balance, our coaching sessions are tailored to elevate your professional trajectory. Together, we will explore strategic decisions that enhance your career while ensuring a fulfilling and balanced life. Let’s embark on this transformative partnership to unlock your full potential and chart a course toward sustained success.


We work together to identify, process, and release key neurophysiological sources of trauma, both emotional and physical, and a range of other symptoms. Brainspotting aims to calm emotional activation in your body and mind, ultimately easing tension in your nervous system. We’ll identify and focus on specific eye positions, allowing you to process and release symptoms and experiences that often reside beyond conscious awareness, cognitive understanding, and verbal expression. Let’s work together to uncover and release the blocks, paving the way for emotional healing and personal growth.

Wingwave® coaching

Many professional athletes, managers, individuals in the media, and those facing public performances turn to the Wingwave method. It’s a powerful tool for anyone held back by fears, hindering them from achieving goals and living free from the burdens that weigh them down. Additionally, those seeking to enhance their performance and tap into their best selves find this method a gateway to their inner reservoirs of strength. The Wingwave method is a coaching approach that intertwines success and emotions, swiftly and effectively eliminating stress while elevating creativity, mental capabilities, and confidence in achieving meticulously planned results.

Through my work, I aim to emphasize the value and necessity of personal mental development as an essential part of our lives. I believe that personal transformation is key to growth, both in private and professional spheres. Understanding how we function, collect, and process information within ourselves has become crucial for achieving good results, effective communication, and focus.

I began my career in the family business, a leading bakery production company at the time. The challenging spirit and life circumstances led me to work for prominent hospitality companies as a consultant and manager. In today’s world, where the boundaries between personal and professional life are almost blurred, workplace satisfaction has become a prerequisite for personal fulfillment. Countless working hours and stress led me to burnout and the need for a change. I decided to refine my innate communication and leadership skills through a series of education and became a therapeutic counselor.

Today, I teach the LIFE WORK WELLBEING program, incorporating elements from the currently most relevant therapeutic approaches and techniques with a scientific foundation.

In my work, I merge experience from the entrepreneurial, economic sector, and therapeutic practices. Due to life and business experiences, my approach to working with teams and individuals is practical. Through workshops, in-house training, and individual counseling, I guide individuals and teams on their path toward their desired goals.
I harbor a special passion for mindfulness and how to integrate it into everyday life. I have completed training to become a Mindfulness-Based Living teacher, making me part of the first generation of certified teachers in Croatia, which I am exceptionally proud of.

I believe that each of us can make a change with a good plan, motivation, time, consistency, and support.

I sincerely hope and believe that through my texts, training, and counseling, you will find exactly what you need to get to know yourself, achieve inner satisfaction, and ultimately unleash your full potential and achieve your desired goal.

Dubravka Fazlic Mindfulnes Savetnik 2023. #5332333

Email: dubravka.fazlic@gmail.com

Phone/WhatsApp +385 91 528 1511

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