Destres & Reset Retreat Dubrovnik 8 days




Destress and Reset Retreat
8 Day Retreat in Dubrovnik that you may just wish it lasts forever 

Do you feel like you are in a cross-road, burnt out, going through the motions, perhaps even depressed or just stuck? Do you feel like you are ready for a change, or ready to hit the Reset button in your life but don’t know where to start? So, you’ve already planned a short stay in Dubrovnik and now you want to make the most of it by tapping into deeper experiences, then welcome and join us!


DRR is the ideal solution for literally everyone including those who have no previous experience in self-development work, as well as those who are looking for big breakthroughs and need specialized one-on-one attention to achieve and experience a stronger impact.


We offer a comprehensive experience and a deeply transformational process, personally guided and facilitated by the most experienced local and international practitioners in Dubrovnik.


The entire program is designed according to your needs and simply requires your active participation.


This retreat is meant for you because you want to:

  • Take control over your thoughts and feelings
  • Let go of stress, regret, anguish, guilt, inadequacy, anger, revenge, etc
  • Develop compassion for yourself and others
  • Take some time away to feel peace within and enjoy the present moment


Daily Offerings with Gratitude:

  • Morning meditation
  • Training on how to deal with stress and prevent burnout
  • Evening meditation with storytelling 
  • Tools to develop a personal practice that will support you in your daily life
  • Workshop on how to recognize and locate emotions
  • Workshop on how to move from your rational mind (POY)
  • Tips and tricks on how to adapt your lifestyle and mindset to avoid experiencing burnout in the future
  • Techniques on how to feel more grounded
  • Techniques on how to feel more balanced emotionally and in your body
  • Teach/learn ways to become the better version of yourself that you always knew you could be
  • Simply teach/learn how to Fall in love with life


What you might want to bring:

  • Comfy clothes for meditation, movement, and relaxation
  • Swimsuit and beach towel (Dubrovnik is blessed with warm weather at this time)
  • A journal or notepad if you feel like writing or drawing during your time here
  • Walking boots – we have wonderful footpaths and routes to explore
  • Running gear if you’re a jogger, or you never know you may become one


Our Daily snapshot may look like this:

  • Breakfast
  • Activity
  • Free time
  • Workshop / discussion
  • Free time
  • Lunch
  • Free time
  • Activity
  • Free time
  • Dinner


What’s included:

  • Accommodation, single or double room
  • Welcome refreshments
  • Daily healthy breakfast made with love from local products
  • Morning sunrise meditation
  • Evening meditation ceremony and storytelling
  • Workshops


Not-included items entail:

  • Air ticket
  • Return airport transfer
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Taxes for accomodation





A bit on Mindfulness if you don’t mind:


“Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”


During Destress and Reset Retreat, we’ll introduce you to a range of mindfulness techniques. These will focus on cultivating peace and happiness in ourselves. We’ll take time to explore what it means to be mindful. You’ll also be able to connect with the benefits of mindfulness on a personal level.


We will practice mindfulness techniques including meditation. You will obtain the hands-on experience of applying mindfulness in your everyday activities here on the retreat as well. This will help you cultivate your ability to enjoy and savor every moment thereafter.


Our beautiful surroundings create the perfect environment for us to practice being mindful. We will practice mindfulness in simple everyday activities such as eating, walking, undertaking creative pursuits, and being together.


We’ll take time to practice directing awareness to our experiences. We will be working with the breath, the body, and whatever is present for us. Mindfulness is like yoga for the mind helping us to savor our everyday life.


A bit more about Yoga Nidra:


With this method using Yoga Nidra with Sankalpa (wish, decision) we can overcome our weaknesses, bad characteristics and habits, as deeply hidden psychical problems.


This technique also helps us to deal with those problems, which are rooted into subconscious, but their effects reach to the conscious level: uncontrollable rage, depression, complexes, and fears.


Yoga Nidra acts psychotherapeutically. It brings inner fullness, self-confidence, and strength to cope with life. It is also of big spiritual significance, because in the higher levels leads us to Samadhi, the highest state of consciousness, which is the ultimate goal.



A note for our Workaholics:

With pressure piling up at work or whatever your situation may be, and expectations always being raised, it’s far too easy to let everything get on top of us in our stressful daily lives. If you’re lacking motivation, feeling emotionally drained and physically exhausted, you may be suffering from burnout syndrome. It is time to recover, and discover long-lasting stress relief techniques.

Our tranquil location and our specially designed program with one-on-one expert attention can help you to destress and learn long-term burnout prevention techniques. You will learn solu-tions you can use immediately to deal with stress, tension, and time management.

It is time to stop and pause, it is time to breathe!

We are not going to review deep spiritual philosophies here. We are going to talk about tools you can put into practice, we are going to talk and share our thoughts about habits, decisions, patterns, etc.

We are grateful you decided to join us!



Villa Dard, is located only a 5 minute walk away from Dubrovnik’s Old Town Center and the nearest beach. The room is equipped with free Wi-Fi, an air-conditioning unit and TV set, with free parking in the premise.


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The historic center is full of various cafés, restaurants and shops. Some of the most notable sights include the Stradun Promenade, Onofrio’s Fountain and Orlando’s Column. There is a cable car overlooking the surrounding islands half a kilometer away. Banje, Dubrovnik’ s most popular beach with great views of the Town Walls, is just 15 minute walk away.


The local bus stop is less than 100 meters from the property. Dubrovnik Bus Station as well as the Ferry Port, which offer frequent services to numerous Dalmatian destinations, are located about 2.4 km away. Dubrovnik Airport is 19.3 km from Villa Dard.



8 Days / 7 Nights   





Price: 1330  €


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    My name is Dubravka Fazlić, and am humbled to have dedicated the last decade of my life to study the Art of Self-Care so that I can live a stress controlled life. My life has thereafter been filled with purpose and inner peace, and that’s why I feel compelled to share my success. I am a meditation teacher, spiritual counselors and an entrepreneur…aka a Boss Lady 🙂 .

    I personally promise that within these 7days together you will come away knowledgeable about:

    How to practice meditation

    How to bring mindfulness in daily life

    How to recognize and handle emotions

    How to untangle from unhelpful thoughts and emotions

    How to ease the voice of the inner critic and develop a kinder, more compassionate mind

    How to switch out of stress and find a calm centre in under 60 seconds

    How to build a sense of self-worth and confidence that does not depend on others

    How to break through limiting beliefs and negative thinking patterns

    How to meet your fears with courage and compassion so that they no longer define you


    Sanja Čolić                                                 

    I have gained my knowledge in the period of past eighteen years and have learned from the best teachers in the region from the world of yoga and other areas, I participated in numerous workshops of the best teaches.

    I am specialised in Hatha Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, as in individual approach to exercising.  I created my own method of work that is based on individual approach for each individual that suits personality, physiology, age, condition, and needs through holistic and versatile forming of mundane habits.

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